The mission of the Illinois Watercolor Society is to advance the education and caliber of watercolor painting throughout Illinois.

We hold monthly meetings and demonstrations and host two annual shows. We invite you to attend the next meeting and meet some of the society members, or to join us. All are welcome. Mailing address: Illinois Watercolor Society P.O. Box 1003 Des Plaines, IL 60018

30th National Exhibition

May 6 – 30, 2014

The Next Picture Show
Dixon, Illinois

Judge of Selection and Awards
Lenox Wallace, TWSA

Congratulations to the award winners

All the paintings from this year’s exhibit will be added here soon.

Best of Show    $1,500

Story of Old Horse Fly
Dongfeng Li

Engine 4436-Cab

Award of Excellence I    $700
Peter Jablokow

Red Light, Green Light

Award of Excellence II    $600
Antonio Masi

Garden of Eden IV

Award of Excellence III    $500
Denise Athanas

Is there life on Mars

Evelyn E. Schultz Creative Spirit Award
Konstantin Kulev    $500

Red Suckers

Excellence in Figurative Award    $300
Ken Call

A River Runs Through

Excellence in Landscape Award    $300
Ingrid Albrecht

Three Sports

M. Graham & Co. Merchandise Award
Jeanne Johnson

Wednesday Nite at Jacksons

 Winsor & Newton Merchandise Award
George Schoonover

White Sox Game Morning, 35th & Normal

 Robert Kwas Memorial Award
Gordon France

Coded Thoughts

 Charles Strissel Memorial Award
Ona Kingdon

Frozen Puddle Series #2

People’s Choice Award
Yuri Ozaki

Fort Dearborn Morning

Honorable Mention    $100
Sylvia Aruffo

Rainy Afternoon

Honorable Mention
Janet Doll

Looking For Love

Honorable Mention
Suzanne Hetzel

Wild Waterfowl

Honorable Mention
Mary Jansen


Honorable Mention
Sandy Newell

High Summer Dreams

Honorable Mention
Arena Shawn


Honorable Mention
Carolyn Owen Sommer

Venus Incarnate

Honorable Mention
Ian Wallace

Accepted artists for 30th National Exhibition

Ingrid Albrecht Antonio Masi
Genady Arkhipau Benjamin Mau
Sylvia Aruffo Robert Lee Mejer
Donna Asquith Lynn Miller
Denise Athanas Patricia Mroczka
Graydon Cafarella Ellen Mumford
Ken Call Marie Murrell
Kay Cassill Sandy Newell
Susanne Clark Elaine Nunnally
Janice DiGirolamo Yuri Ozaki
Janet Doll Ann Pember
Kelly Eddington Dale Popovich
Gordon France April Rimpo
Aneita Atwood Gates George Schoonover
Dick Helland Diane Shabino
Suzanne Hetzel Arena Shawn
Carol Hubbard Richard Shipley
Charlotte Huntley Tamara Shriver
Peter Jablokow Natalie Smythe
Mary Jansen Susan Snyder
Jeanne Johnson Carolyn Owen Sommer
Jean Kalin Bret Steinhaus
Ona Kingdon Cassandra Swierenga
Robert Koch Ian Wallace
Robert Krajecki Gary Wester
Konstantin Kulev Carole Wilson
Gerald Lewis Cheng Fen Yeh
Dongfeng Li